Revenge of the Gang

Geo-located strategy game completely FREE for Android and iOS
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Revenge of the Gang is an addictive geo-located strategy game completely FREE.
Thanks to real maps our city and its streets become your battlefield against rival gangs!!!
Create your gang and your own player choosing among 6 different characters and 6 different professions.
Invite new members and start fighting to conquer the entire city. There are no limits, you can expand your influence beyond your country!!!
Become the most famous boss of all time and no one will be able forget the fame of your gang!!!


- 6 characters with different stats
- 6 professions with different stats
- Battlefield geo-located on real maps
- You can search other players in city where you are
- Complete gang management
- Team management to support attack, created with gang members
- Shop for base equipment
- You can create buildings to increase max money, gang members and inventory
- You can assault enemy banks
- Missions/Events with different rewards every week
- You can craft new item with recipies
- Complete inventory management with many functions including item enhancements
- An in-game market for selling equipments
- Leaderboards & rewards by city, country and global
- Chat by gang, city and global


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Get it on Google Play   Get it on Apple Store

Zones conquered

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